Clean your make-up brushes regularly, ladies!

Did you know that make-up brushes can accumulate your makeup pigments, oil layers from skin and deadskin cells – which are a breeding ground for bacteria?

Clean your makeup brushes!

Daily dirt from our makeup brushes and beauty blender can cause breakouts, congestion and skin irritation. So this is why it is important to regularly clean your make-up brushes.  As a rule of thumb, powder brushes should be cleaned weekly while brushes used for liquid textures should be cleaned two to three times weekly. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide in cleaning your makeup brushes with soap (anti-bacterial soap or baby shampoo are good consideration) and water:

1. Wash:  Dip your brush under running lukewarm water with bristles pointing down (to prevent any moisture from seeping into the glue that holds the brushes).

2. Swirl: Add a soap of your choice to a textured brush cleaning pad. Swirl the makeup brush over the tiny teeth on the mat until it fully lathers up to remove any dirt.  Then, hold the brushes again under running water and squeeze out any excess water.

3.  Repeat this process if there is still residue on the brush.

4.  Dry : Make sure you squeeze water out of the brushes when it is ready to dry. Lay it flat in a neat row on a towel with the brush head hanging over the towel.  To help with drying process, we usually place the brushes near the window or a fan for some breeze.

There are also other methods to clean your makeup brushes – using activated carbon cleaner or even an electric brush cleaning machine which cleans brush fast. You can shop for them in our dedicated accessories category for makeup brush cleaning.

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