Makeup brushes – natural or synthetic bristles?

Makeup brushes are key makeup tools in our daily routine – so it’s natural that you would want to get the best out of them.  There are essentially two types of makeup brushes – natural bristles and synthetic brushes.  Which should you shop for?

To answer this, let’s breakdown the difference between both types of brushes, and understand their respective pros and cons.

Natural Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes with natural bristles are made of animal hair and fur – usually of goat, squirrel or pony.  These bristles are often available in soft brown or tan color.  Occasionally they could be in dyed black or bleached white. 

Natural makeup brushes are fluffy and soft on skin because they use authentic animal hair. These natural bristles also contain cuticles which can hold powder products well . These brushes are perfect in blending powder products to create a smooth finishing on the skin.    Many, including MUA agrees that these brushes are good long term investment.

The cons | Natural bristles are usually priced more expensive because of its benefits and features.  These brushes are not suitable for use with creamy makeup products as cuticles from these bristles absorb liquid.  As natural bristles hold powder makeup well, it also picks up oil layer from skin and dead skin cells. The bad news is that these dirt causes breakouts, congestion and skin irritation. So, you need to clean your makeup brushes regularly.  Read here on a recent blog article we shared about cleaning makeup brushes.

Synthetic Makeup Brushes
Professional Eyes Makeup Brushes Synthetic

Synthetic makeup brushes are handcrafted out of materials like nylon, polyester, wool fiber or other man-made fibers.  These brushes are often positioned as vegan or animal free.  Makeup brushes with synthetic bristles are naturally white but often made available in shades of brown or tan to resemble natural bristles. 

Synthetic brushes are flatter. They are also often in sharp angles for precise makeup applications (eg. eyeliner or lipliner application). These brushes are excellent in applying creamy and liquid products like foundation, concealers, lipstick or cream blushes.  Easily cleaned, synthetic brushes are also affordable.

The cons | As synthetic makeup brushes do not have cuticles; it is not able to hold powder makeup products well nor spread them smoothly onto skin.  However, these have changed over time as innovation and technology has improved the features of synthetic brushes – thereby enabling it to brush makeup gently and evenly over skin.

So there you go – we hope this blog has helped in providing you an informed decision on makeup brushes. In short, synthetic brushes are excellent for liquid products and precise application whilst natural brushes, which last longer, are perfect in blending powder products evenly and smoothly over skin. You may want to checkout both types of makeup brushes that we carry at BeautiKit.

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