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Quarter 2 2020 has been eventful with most countries on lockdown and home quarantine.  This resulted in a shift in our daily work and lifestyle.  With most beauty spas and salons temporarily closing, we missed those relaxing, pampering and rejuvenating massages and treatments!

This unprecedented quarantine has prompted a small group of us in exchanging our experiences and discussing solutions for self-care and self-pampering sessions at home.  We, then, discovered that more-than-initially-thought body, beauty and skin care tools are available. These tools can replicate a (well, close-to) spa or salon-like sessions in comforts of our room.

So, for the past couple of months, we have been researching. We were also trying and testing products to create a-one-stop-store of useful and reasonably priced beauty tools that you can use.  These tools can be used exclusively at home and even supplement your routine beauty spas’/salons’ sessions.  

Beauti-Kit online range includes makeup brush / applicators, hair care tools, body or skin care tools,hand and feet care tools and accessories which comprise of makeup brush cleaning applicators and makeup organisers.

Feel free to browse around. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our collection, we are happy to listen. You can email us at support@beauti-kit.com.

So, here’s to a new self-routine of body, beauty and skin pampering at home! 

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